An American Made Company

Nobullim was founded in 2014 in a small rural town in Northwest Ohio. We believe in the true original American made product.Our product is made of 100% 14g local American stainless steel. Not only that, but it is assembled by our metal fabricator who has over 30 years of experience in metal fabrication. Every order is custom made meaning when you order our product, we contact our local stainless steel supplier and order the stainless steel for your personal residential incinerator.

Our Passion for a Clean Environment

Our passion started back in 2014 when we saw how oil companies would dump the well water out into open fields, killing anything that came near it due to the high content of minerals such as ammonia. We decided to design and patent a water purification system which would draw 80% of those minerals out of oil well water and allow the usable minerals to be resold on the market.

This dream never took off due to conflicts with the Pennsylvania Independent Petroleum Producers. So we kept pushing forward.

​In 2015 we came up with a solution to keep trash out of landfills. This is the residential incinerator you see here today. The first prototype we tested at our house for 3 years and loved the results we were getting. Not to mention it was keeping our trash out of the landfill and allowed us to terminate our monthly trash pick-up bill.

​We want to pass the joy of keeping trash out of landfills to you. Our product also allows you to take the ash from burning and put it in gardens and compost piles as natural fertilizer.